Skip Mahaffey: Inspirational Speaker, Author, Coach and Consultant

Who is This Man and What Is He Trying to Teach Me?
Skip Mahaffey is nationally known as one of America’s top Country Radio Air Personalities. His Country Music Association and Billboard Magazine Award-Winning “Skip Mahaffey Morning Show” was a staple of Country Radio for decades.

His thirty year career has taken him from Tulsa to Phoenix, St. Louis to San Diego, Los Angeles to Ohio and Tampa. Every destination brought bigger and better successes.

In 2009, Mahaffey’s career suffered a devastating set-back when he was part of a massive nationwide down-sizing in the radio industry. In the blink of an eye, he went from being one of Radio’s highest paid air talents to unemployment. The landscape of radio was changing exponentially and no one believed that he was capable of changing along with the industry. But Skip was smarter than that and way ahead of the game. He knew that the new media world was impossible to navigate without a map.

So he decided to become that map.

After taking a year off to write his auto-biography Adventures With My Father: Childhood Recollections of Divorce, Dysfunction and the Summer of Love, he decided the time had come to quit talking and start teaching.

As Principal Owner of Mahaffey Creative, Skip Mahaffey specializes in working with Experts, Authors,  Recording Artists, PR/Marketing Professionals and Broadcasters to give them a better understanding of the importance of the relationship with the media and teach them the skills to become “media friendly.”

But Skip Mahaffey’s greatest love is sharing stories of the extraordinary people he has encountered. Now, he is sharing his knowledge and experiences at your next event.

“Throughout my career, I’ve been blessed to interview literally thousands of politicians, CEO’s, athletes, heroes, villains and celebrities. Every time I walked away from those conversations, I learned something. Sometimes these lessons were profound and thought-provoking, other times they were witty and subtle observations, pearls of wisdom delivered accidentally. One thing they all had in common: they were all inspired.

I call them ‘Things I’ve learned From People I’ve Known.’ Now, I want to share them with you.

Hire Skip Mahaffey for your next event and you’ll discover:

  • Garth Brooks’ secret to success.
  • What Quality Every Great Leader Shares from Tony Robbins.
  • Reba McEntire’s Definition of “Entrepreneur”
  • President Jimmy Carter’s Most Memorable White House Moment.
  • The Simplicity of Effective Communication From My Dog Franklin

What People Are Saying About Skip Mahaffey:

Skip Mahaffey is one of the most intelligent, talented and inspiring people I know. His view of  people and the role they play in the world makes him an outstanding life coach as well as an inspirational speaker.  This man is destined for great things. -Jack Drucker- Retired Publishing Executive and Talk Show Host of The Book Club

Skip’s combination of passion, perspective and vast experience in Radio, will help develop your talent/artist to remain composed when they want to give up. He will share inspirational experiences with industry icons that will inspire them to become the future of radio and become the best in the business. -Deb DeLoney- Marketing Executive Denver, Colorado

One of the last of the good guys. -Vince Gill- Nashville, Tennessee

Skip is the real deal. I interviewed him when I was hosting a radio show for Oprah’s Soul Series. His authenticity touched me so deeply I had a difficult time talking over the lump in my throat. Any time spent with this guy will be transformational. rev. Ed Bacon- Rector, All Saints Church, Pasadena.

Skip’s kindness and years of experience make him someone who I’m honored to work with to not only promote my business/knowledge, but to also take the next step to grow professionally. -Rina Laxmi ShahPolitical Communications Consultant, Washington DC

Every week that Skip works with our staff there’s a noticeable, measurable improvement in their performance and attitude. -Steve Schrudel- Radio Executive

I’m proud to call him “My Friend” -General Tommy Franks- U.S. Army (Retired)

There are few people I respect more than Skip Mahaffey and I would recommend him as a coach not only for radio, but for living a good life as well. -Steve Schroeder Radio Commentator, Tampa, Florida

Skip Mahaffey is a masterful media coach, communicator and writer whose inside perspective on the media and media relations–has been hugely helpful for the 63,000+ readers. He’s also a pleasure to work with. Always professional, always prompt, never missed a deadline … and his writing–not to mention, personality–is highly entertaining and, yes, downright funny. That’s a rare mix: Wit, wisdom and wordsmithery to the highest degree. If you’re looking for a public speaker or media trainer who will give it to you straight and who himself bridges both worlds of PR and the press on a daily basis (versus those who left the media long ago or have never been inside a working newsroom), then he’s your guy.  -Brian Pittman- VP, Associate Publisher BULLDOG REPORTER, PR UNIVERSITY

Skip is a pro through and through…take it from me, Skip is a dream to work with. -Lauri Loewenberg- Dream Expert, Author, Contributor to CNN, Good Morning America and Dr. Oz


2 Responses to Skip Mahaffey: Inspirational Speaker, Author, Coach and Consultant

  1. Rev. Ed Bacon says:

    Skip is the real deal. I interviewed him when I was hosting a radio show for Oprah’s Soul Series. His authenticity touched me so deeply I had a difficult time talking over the lump in my throat. Any time spent with this guy will be transformational. rev. Ed Bacon, Rector, All Saints Church, Pasadena.

  2. Cecilia Carroll says:

    I am a big fan of Skips and I miss hearing him on the radio. I no longer listen to Tampa Country music stations. I listen to the Lakeland station 97 Country.

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