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You may swim with the sharks, but when you talk to the media do you still need your “floaties”?

It’s time to toss them aside and I can help you do that.

You can walk on to a playing field or a concert stage and perform for thousands of fans with confidence. But does that confidence disappear when you have to perform in front of one TV camera?

I can help you warm up to the media.

You are the foremost expert in your field and you know your business inside out, but you have no idea which end of a microphone is up.

I can point you in the right direction.

In nearly three decades of producing and conducting interviews for radio and television, I have spoken to literally tens of thousands of performers, experts, authors, and athletes. I can share the secrets they’ve mastered in front of the camera and behind the microphone.

If you’ve seen your peers and colleagues sitting comfortably on the morning talk show set explaining their stance…their product…their company….I can teach you you how you can too, with complete confidence.


Contrary to what you may have been told in the past, there is no “one surefire way” to make you a media savvy. At Mahaffey Creative Media Coaching I believe each person has unique qualities and challenges. That’s why I use one on one coaching to help you better understand what the media is looking for and how you can make yourself a more effective communicator.
Using my decades of experience and the expertise of media producers from across the US and Canada, I will teach you:

  • The art of Branding your expertise or Product.
  • How to construct your pitch for media interviews.
  • What will get your interview request tossed in the trash immediately.
  • How Radio is still the best training ground for Good Morning America, CNN and beyond.
  • The simple mechanics of executing an exceptional media interview.

If you can share your expertise in the board room, then you can you can share that same message with thousands through the media.  I will show you how simple it is.
Unlike others, I’m not promising that my media coaching will put you on network television tomorrow. What I’m promising is to teach you the essential skills you need to master to become a successful media guest.

Contact me and I will help you navigate the waters….without “floaties”




One Response to Media Coaching

  1. Skip is a dream to work with. He’s…brilliant and has been priceless to me in my career as a speaker and a radio guest. If you want someone who can make you shine while using a mic… you may as well use someone who has spent years behind it. He knows his stuff inside and out.

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