The On-Air Talent Coach

 “He is arguably one of the best jocks in the Country…”

Why should you consider calling me to help you develop as a talent? It’s a legitimate question with a simple answer;

There are a lot of great consultants/talent coaches out there. I use them and they are worth every dime you spend on them.

– But –

When was the last time they cracked a mic on a daily basis? That’s what sets me apart.

There is an alternative to “Shut up and play the music.” In a PPM world, you have less time to make a bigger impact. In order to succeed, you must be compelling, relevant, entertaining and BRIEF. It can be done and I will show you how to do it.

When I first started in this business, I was fortunate to have seasoned professionals teach me the finer points of doing personality radio. These days, many of us are forced to go it alone. I’m here to teach you the nuances of doing great radio.


“When you have been a student of Morning Radio as long as Skip has, there’s not much that he hasn’t seen or done.”

I’m not your PD, your OM, your GM or your consultant. I’m one of YOU and I speak your language. PPM has created a new world of challenges. I know how to meet and beat those challenges. Using your on-air talents and maximizing your social media and web presence, I can show you how to do it too.


This is all really strong, useful stuff.  Most consultants NEVER come close to these observations.  This is real experience coming through.

Jonathan Wilde, Former Program Director/Morning Show Host, 92.5 The Wolf, Denver


YOU are an individual talent and each situation is unique. There are no cookie-cutter solutions. For someone to hand you a book and say ‘follow these steps and you’ll be number one’ is BS.

I’ll come to you, get to know your situation first-hand, meet with your managers and consultants to see their vision then work together to help you develop a game plan.

Most important, I’ll listen to your show and give you useful constructive criticism, ideas and suggestions. Then, we will talk on a weekly basis to make sure you’re on point and making progress.



The first time you speak with Skip, you’ll know “He’s the real deal…” Skip subscribes to the “What’s Next” principle of life…continuing to look past the curve, allowing you to chart your journey, set your goal, and focus on your vision to succeed. With Skip’s guidance you will learn how to stay innovative and remain on top of your game…meeting your career goals on and off the air.

~ Mary McKenna

News Anchor/reporter, Award Winning Morning Drive Radio veteran and creator, host and producer of the syndicated talk show “The Radio Dish”.


The competition is absolutely fierce out there and you need to know there’s someone in your corner who wants you to succeed inside the studio, around the station and as part of your community.


There is something in the way he delivers the message he wants you to hear that cuts through the “You Suck. Here’s What I Would Have Done” we hear when someone critiques the show. He digs deeper…

Skip has a way of understanding our shows strengths and weaknesses, and reinforces both so we can stay focused and on track to be and be the Best Show Today and Tomorrow… there is never a lack of great ideas or ways to approach something that you can bring to the next show.

Skip brings the Creative and Fun do-able and often Sales Friendly ideas to our show.

 Skip stresses how absolutely important it is to not only Entertain but Connect with our Target Demo. “What Did Ya Share With Them Today… That makes them want to come back for coffee tomorrow?”

~ Cody Austin/Award winning Morning Show host


We’ve been working with Skip Mahaffey to mentor and train the on air staff at two of our stations. One of the sad results of consolidation is that many large groups treat talent like a commodity rather than a valuable resource. Our experience working with Skip Mahaffey has been extremely positive, and beneficial. Skip is a talented, seasoned professional…our guys know his background, and can sense his passion, so they respond to his guidance and direction.


Every week that Skip works with our staff there’s a noticeable, measurable improvement in their performance and attitude. Guys like Skip Mahaffey offer the opportunity to create the next generation of excellent broadcasters.

Steve Schurdell Managing Partner WXCV FM / WXOF FM


 “Morning Radio is the toughest job in entertainment. The only shows that have to come up with an entirely new program every day are news programs, Late-night talk shows and Morning Radio. News shows and Late-night shows have a staff of dozens of writers, producers, reporters and unlimited resources. In Morning Radio, it’s just you…”

– Bob Moody.

You aren’t a “DJ,” those are the guys who work in bars and wedding receptions. You are talent. But do you have the skills to be called “Talent?”  Do you have the knowledge, the passion and the support to step up be the best and “Be Brilliant?”

I’m here to get you there. 615.307.0607

Market Exclusivity available.

Be Brilliant!


About me: I am a thirty-plus year veteran of radio. I’ve won the Air Personality of the Year Award three times from the Country Music Association. I’ve been nominated for multiple Radio and Record awards,  the Academy of Country Music Award and I won the Billboard Air Personality of the Year award. I have a record of successful morning shows spanning several decades, formats and markets including Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, St. Louis, Columbus, Tampa and Dallas. I’ve hosted nationally syndicated programs for Westwood One and CBS as well as worked with Dial-Global. Currently, I am the morning show co-host for K-LOVE, heard by more than fifteen million on over five hundred stations covering all fifty states. I have been a regular columnist for where my specialty is the relationship between PR/marketing and the media. I have published a pair of books including my auto-biography Adventures With My Father: Childhood Recollections of Divorce, Dysfunction and the Summer of Love (available on I can be reached at 615.307.0607 or by email:

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