The SkipShow moves to afternoons and takes on Talk radio with a Country Accent.

July 5th WTAN-AM 1340
WDCF-AM 1350
KLRG-AM 880 Little Rock.
Simulcast on and
By the end of summer, The SkipShow will be simulcast on a local FM and there will be a Smart Phone App for both I-phone and Android.

“I’m not walking away from nearly thirty years of Country radio. I’ve been lucky to be part of Dial-Global’s True Country format since February. Beau, John Paul and Shannon Stone are great people and I fully intend to keep working for them as long as they’ll have me. But these days, you have multiple platforms in order to survive.

“The way I look at it is I’m providing the listener with alternative relevant content in a non-traditional fashion. The line between the value system of the Country listener and that of the Talk listener is razor thin. I’ve talked to thousands of Country fans across the country and PPM shows that the P1’s and P2’s spend a lot of time jumping between News/Talk and Country. My goal is to provide a bridge to cover that jump.

“I think radio in general is so focused on competing with Smart phones and Pandora, that we have forgotten that a large part of our job is to serve and entertain our community. We spent over a dozen years in this market building a brand of being the place people turned to when something happened, good or bad. PPM killed that aspect of local radio. The SkipShow will bring back that platform for the community.

“People equate ‘Talk Radio’ to ‘Political Radio,’ that will NOT be the case with the SkipShow. If the main topic of the day in Tampa is political, then I’d be wrong to ignore it. But the two words you won’t be hearing out of me on my program is ‘conservative’ and ‘liberal.’ Because when you do (according to Holland Cooke) you immediately alienate one-half of your potential audience. That’s not smart.

“I have spent well over a year consulting with Gabe Hobbs (a genuine talk show guru/genius) and I know that many Americans are tired of the negativity and bashing of other Americans they hear on the radio. If you look at the talk radio spectrum, you see hundreds of Rush Limbaugh knock-offs over there and liberal ‘whack-jobs’ over there, each one spewing venom at the other. I believe that a majority of America falls somewhere in between and they are a lot more civil to each other. That’s where I live, that’s where you’ll find the SkipShow.

“There’s a lot of frustration among radio personalities that they are returning to the ‘time and temp’ days. Last fall, I had nearly forty minutes of one on one time with Keith Urban. I edited down the interview to under twelve minutes, cut up into three segments. My PD at the time instructed me to cut it in further in half and only do two segments. I felt like that was an injustice to the audience, me and especially Keith.

“Talk radio gives us a huge opportunity to go past thirty seconds of content and really get into stories, artists etc from Main Street and Music Row. The audience is definitely running the table now and frankly they don’t care where the content comes from as long as it is relevant to them. AM, FM, Social Media, the internet, it really doesn’t matter to them. David Scarlett ‘The Man in the Know on Music Row’ and former senior editor of Country Weekly will be returning to the SkipShow to provide news to the Tampa Bay audience beyond a five-word headline. I have always had an open studio and open mic for labels and the artists, old and new. That invitation is still there and will be entirely up to them.

“But it will be a lot more than what the Tampa audience knows of the SkipShow. Newsmakers, entertainers anyone relevant to the residents of Tampa Bay will be included, especially the listeners themselves!

“Will it work? Who knows? This is a one-man operation that I’m paying for out of my own pocket and I have been blessed with a number of advertisers who believe in me and are giving their support. Talk to me in 90 days. If I’m wearing an orange smock with ‘Hi, My Name’s Skip Welcome to Home Depot’ written on it, you’ll know it failed. And if it fails, it’s because I let it fail.”

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